How to Install Slack on Ubuntu?

Owing to the popularity of Slack, more and more users are now attempting to install Slack on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. Thankfully, Slack offers a Linux version too, and it is fairly easy to install Slack on Ubuntu within minutes. 

In this article, we will be learning how to install Slack on Ubuntu. 

How to Install Slack on Ubuntu? 

Before going any further, let us first learn what is Slack. 

What is Slack? 

Slack is a collection of cloud-based collaboration tools and services. It is more geared towards distributed teams and businesses that need an efficient method to communicate and collaborate better. 

Slack offers various pricing models, and you can learn more on their website.

It is worth mentioning that Slack is proprietary software.

However, owing to its rising popularity, many open source enthusiasts are often required to use it for business communication, planning and other forms of collaborative work. 

So, now that we have learned what Slack is, how do we install Slack on Ubuntu

Ways to Install Slack on Ubuntu

There are two different ways using which we can install Slack on Ubuntu. 

Via the Terminal

The first method is fairly straightforward and for the most part, this is the recommended course of action for most users. 

All you need to do is open the terminal and run the following command: 

sudo snap install slack --classic

This will install Slack on Ubuntu and you will see the results in the terminal. That’s all! You can now start using Slack on your Ubuntu system. 

Download from Slack Website

The alternative method is to download the latest version of Slack from the official website. Slack offers both .DEB and .RPM versions. You can download from this link.

For Ubuntu users (or users of Ubuntu-derived distros, such as Linux Mint), DEB is the one to download. For Fedora and other Fedora-based distros, RPM is the right pick. 

Once you have downloaded the .DEB file, you can simply run it (as root) from the file manager or open a terminal, navigate to the directory where the downloaded file is, and then run it via the terminal itself.

How to Install Slack on Ubuntu Linux?

Either way, the installation process will start and after ensuring all dependencies are resolved, Slack will be installed on your system! 


That is all! We have learned how to install Slack on Ubuntu in this article. It might be a wise choice to also install the mobile apps for Slack on your smartphone in order to use it more efficiently.