Mageia Linux 7 is one step closer to its final release, as its Beta 1 is available for download now. Mageia Linux 7 is the upcoming major release of the project that forked Mandriva Linux back in 2010. 

Mageia Linux 7 Beta 1 — What’s New? 

Mageia Linux 7 Beta 1 brings a lot of new software to the table. The bundled software includes the likes of: 

  • kernel 4.19.6
  • rpm 4.14.2
  • Plasma 5.14.2
  • GNOME 3.30
  • Xfce 4.13.4
  • Firefox 63
  • Chromium 70
  • LibreOffice 6.1.3

The above list, obviously, is far from exhaustive. PHP version has now been updated from 5.x to 7.2 in Mageia Linux. Support for AppStream metadata has also been enhanced. 

Mageia Linux 7 aims to support almost all the major desktop environments, including Plasma, GNOME, MATE, Xfce and even Cinnamon. This is in sync with the ideology of Mandriva Linux too, that often shipped with multiple desktop environments. 

Additional Details

Currently, Mageia Linux 7 Beta 1 can only be downloaded via torrent. You can find more details about download here. Once the final version is available, ISO images for direct download will also be added. 

Mandriva Linux is now long defunct, although it used to be fairly popular among a section of Linux users. Mageia Linux is still far from enjoying the same amount of popularity such as the likes of Linux Mint or Fedora. With that said, this particular project is shaping up rather well. 

If you are looking for an RPM-based Linux distro, Mageia Linux 7 might be worth a spin for you. The Beta 1 release is obviously not meant for production-level usage as there still might be bugs, but you can give it a try to see whether Mageia Linux 7 is something that might be able to impress you. 

Lastly, it is noteworthy that Mageia Linux 7 supports both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware architecture. For folks running older hardware, this can prove to be a blessing as many modern distros are dropping support for 32-bit architecture.