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    99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSLs, anti-malware scans, offsite backups, 24x7 support -- we've got it all.

About Us

Who We Are

About Us

Samurai Servers offers cloud-based infrastructure to empower both small and large businesses on the internet. With our clustered servers around the globe, reliable uptime guarantee and specialized hardware for eCommerce, your business will rise to new heights. Furthermore, we are aware that running an online venture can be challenging both in terms of funds and time. This is why we take pride in offering additional benefits that you won’t find elsewhere: absolutely free SSL certificates, server-side security and round-the-clock anti-malware scanning, remote backups, 24×7 support, global server locations, and more!


What We Offer

Scalable Business Cloud

For individuals and businesses that need peace of mind.

Freelancers, Developers & Agencies

Ideal for freelancers, developers, agencies and heavy traffic sites. 

Enterprise Hosting Solutions

Perfect for those who need greater control over hosting


What Makes Us Special

Uptime Guarantee

Our enterprise-grade hardware is backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee. With our global datacenters, your website remains online all the time.

Secure Infrastructure

We take security seriously. All of our plans come with DDoS protection, server-side anti-malware scanning, remote backups and RAID10 protected hardware.

Free SSL Certificates

Google now considers SSL as a ranking factor. With Samurai Servers, you have nothing to worry as we provided absolutely free SSL certificates on all of our plans.

Tools and Software

Our servers run the latest software and scripts, including cPanel/WHM, multiple PHP versions, Node.js and server-side caching mechanism.

Premium Support

The internet does not go on a holiday -- and neither do we. We offer tech support 24x7x365 including on public holidays and weekends.

Proudly Asian!

Samurai Servers is based out of Asia, and we have servers optimized for Asian clientele -- Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

More Than Just Hosting...

At Samurai Servers, we take pride in the fact that some of our features cannot be matched by even the best of web hosts!
We believe in offering full-fledged solutions that help businesses thrive on the web.

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